by - October 31, 2020

✏️📝Who are the poets that inspire you as a poet?📝✏️

I would have to name several for myself-- Watts, Dickinson, Longfellow, Newton, Cowper, and so many others. For some, it’s because of the form and style they used, and for others, it’s the theology or philosophy embedded into their poetry.

But I don’t think all poetry needs to convey a big idea or truth. Sometimes, we just need to unwind as poets and write something fun and enjoyable. The world around us gives plenty of things to describe to stretch our poetic language-- like the sound of rain falling on a metal roof... you could almost think of it as a galloping horse…

I like to hear it clatter
Upon my metal roof;
And hear it gallop through the night
With pitter-patter hoof.

It runs about in wild winds
And shouts with thunderous neigh;
Its mane is made of lightning
And clouds of gloomy gray.

But when the face of sunlight comes,
It stops its twilight run,
And causes such a windy sigh
Amid the beaming sun.
-A. J. Higgins (10/15/20)

Hymns and more meaningful poems will always be my favorite kinds of poems to read and write, but I think that (whatever your genre may be) we need to write something fun every now and then.
Thanks to my friend, Sam Melki, for the beautiful artwork-- it fits the poem splendidly!

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